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Zimbabwe Highlands 2022

Undoubtedly our flagship Zimbabwean tour, taking in several iconic destinations in the spectacularly beautiful eastern Highlands.
Although there are no endemic birds in Zimbabwe, the country boasts more than 50 species that do not occur in South Africa.
Many of these “specials” can be found in the focus area of our trip as we have carefully selected those destinations that will afford us the best chance of seeing the targeted species.

14 Days
Botterboom (tylecodon paniculata)

Richtersveld 2022

This superb tour combines the stark beauty of the vast mountain desert known as the Richtersveld with several highly desirable South African endemic birds. It also provides a juicy taste of the floral splendour of springtime Namaqualand and the rugged beauty and mystique of the Diamond Coast.


Giant’s Castle 2022

We visit the scenic mountain wonderland of the Drakensberg which takes its name from the massive ramparts of rock rising above the camp. We view montane birdlife in idyllic surroundings and complete comfort, including the magestic Bearded Vulture and other raptors at close quarters.