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Zimbabwe Highlands and Lowlands 2021

Undoubtedly our flagship Zimbabwean tour, taking in several iconic destinations in the spectacularly beautiful eastern Highlands.
Although there are no endemic birds in Zimbabwe, the country boasts more than 50 species that do not occur in South Africa.
Many of these “specials” can be found in the focus area of our trip as we have carefully selected those destinations that will afford us the best chance of seeing the targeted species.

14 Days
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Barberton 2021

The greater Barberton area is one of the most intriguing tourist destinations in South Africa. History and the scenic beauty and natural wonders of the surrounding mountains, known as the Makhonjwa, are its defining features. The varying environments, from rocky mountain lands with their pockets of indigenous forests to the vast open grasslands, provide a wide range of habitats for a large number of special birds.