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Zimbabwe Highlands and Lowlands 2021

Undoubtedly our flagship Zimbabwean tour, taking in several iconic destinations in the spectacularly beautiful eastern Highlands.
Although there are no endemic birds in Zimbabwe, the country boasts more than 50 species that do not occur in South Africa.
Many of these “specials” can be found in the focus area of our trip as we have carefully selected those destinations that will afford us the best chance of seeing the targeted species.

14 Days
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Namibia”Desert Magic Tour” 2021

The Namib Desert has a fascinating array of plant, animal and bird species, surviving in sand dunes of all shapes and sizes and vast gravel plains stretching for as far as the eye can see.The central Namib, an area confined by the Atlantic Ocean in the west and the escarpment to the east, sandwiched between the Kuiseb River in the south and Huab River in the north, is the area that we will be visiting.

Botterboom (tylecodon paniculata)

Richtersveld and Bushmanland 2021

This superb tour combines the sparsely populated semi-desert of Bushmanland with its exciting and highly desirable South African endemic birds with the stark beauty of the vast mountain desert known as the Richtersveld. It also provides a juicy taste of the floral splendour of springtime Namaqualand and the rugged beauty and mystique of the Diamond Coast.