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Barberton 2021

The greater Barberton area is one of the most intriguing tourist destinations in South Africa. History and the scenic beauty and natural wonders of the surrounding mountains, known as the Makhonjwa, are its defining features. The varying environments, from rocky mountain lands with their pockets of indigenous forests to the vast open grasslands, provide a wide range of habitats for a large number of special birds.

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Mana Pools, Kariba & Matusadona 1 2021

No words can adequately describe the sheer magic of Mana Pools. Glorious sunrises and sunsets, breathtaking scenery, amazing mammals and birds, and an unparalled serenity. This Park offers something that some of the others lack, an authentic wilderness experience.
Stunning sunsets are a distinctive feature of Kariba, as are the bleached skeletal trunks and bare branches of dead trees that were drowned by the flooding of the lake all those years ago.

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Namaqualand 2021

We visit one of the great treasure-houses of the botanical world, haven to more than 3000 different floral species. Many of these, for a few weeks in springtime, burst into riotous life, clothing the countryside in a spectacular mantle of orange, yellow and white blooms. Namaqualand also sustains a wide variety of perennials: geophytes, dwarf shrubs and a huge number of succulents. This is the best time of the year for birding , as many of the birds are opportunists which move into the area and breed after winter rain.